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Launch minus 10

Little preparation

Ten days away from my departure, I purposely make little arrangements.

Only just checked internet for the first night accommodation.
Send off a message to a nice B&B in Cognac and waiting for confirmation.

Doing this search, I have agreed with myself to stop thinking Hotels and especially - 4/5 stars. This is a left over from my Dubai days.
Europe has so much more to offer in small town 2/3 stars places. And one should expect a nice local meal as well.
But also B&B.
Will give it a go in this trip.
South of France and Spain are full of those places. Just a matter of finding the right one.
I hope this wil work out and can share it when on the trip.

From Cognac, I will need another night on the road - Pamplona or Zaragossa. Should fix that in the next days as it is a weekend....

Than a week with fiends in Moraira - so plenty of time to sketch out the trip from there. Diagonally to NW Spain.
Probably stop in Toledo.

So this is all the planning for the trip.

Will see where the wind will take me when we get there.....

Till departure time.

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Southern road trip - planning

very early planning

Here we go again!

Since the Northern trip did not work out on the item of SNOW, let us try again with SUN.

Actually, this trip is not only about sun (one should think I have had enough after some +10 years in 30-40 degrees) but also to;
1. visit my friends Paul and Ingrid in their holiday place
2. explore what I do not know of Spain i.e. a bit of the middle and Northern coast
3. Bordeaux and the vineyards seems a good idea

Anyway, as last time, not sure what the final outcome will be. Certainly not at this point of planning but I will also keep the same open approach on the road. Stop and stay where it is interesting. Run where it is boring. Take and extra day here, move on when that nomad feeling is there.

I have some dates to work around. Visiting Paul and Ingrid 3-6 or 7 April. The rest is open.

Really looking forward to the Picos de Europa and the scenery/food of North Spain.
I will have to do some more researching on Internet. Enough to know what the basic offerings are for each stop but leaving enough room to explore. Get some ideas where to sleep, but keep it open.

Lots of time left before D-day. A month to do the virtual travel and explore behind the Mac. One should always believe that some new and interesting items will come up that may change the route or time. I hope so.

Anyone with a suggestion - just shoot me an e-mail and happily will consider it.

OK. What is on the list for now;

Cognac (yes, place where they distill the ...)
San Sebastian

My map (off line) tells me 3440Km, I would have thought it would be more. Only 1000 more than the Northern trip and that included a 8 hour ferry...

So, I post this early to have some ideas from you - or comments. I had already some prior to this blog;
Why not fly with the cheap charters, even out of Ostend - only 20Km from this village. Well, I have told many that I really do not enjoy flying. Even the last few years, flying business of first class from Dubai to Asia etc - I did not enjoy. Probably lack of control, particularly during bad turbulence. The waiting in airports, getting up before 6 and arriving middle of the night.

And I enjoy driving. Always did and now especially being back in Europe.
It would be impossible to plan this itinerary with flights and/or hired cars.

Looks like it may take me 22 days in the planning stage. But again, this is only an indication. I have besides the stay with Paul and Ingrid, 4 days each at the Picos and Bordeaux.
Bordeaux, is again a city where Rick Stein made a very enthusiastic reportage. Hope it really hit the mark this time - I guess it will, found already some great Chateau outside Bordeaux to stay a few nights.....

So this is it for now and probably few weeks before you will "see" me here again.

Will find out in due course if you read this and what your reactions will be.

Till then


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